Reliable Ecommerce Web Hosting, Website Designing And ecommerce websites
Affordable Ecommerce Web Hosting, Website Designing And ecommerce solutions
Reliable Linux Web Hosting, Ecommerce Solutions And Ecommerce websites
Reliable Linux Web Hosting, Website Designing And ecommerce websites with economical webhosting plans Reliable Linux Web Hosting, Website Designing And ecommerce websites with economical webhosting plans Reliable Linux Web Hosting, Website Designing And ecommerce websites with economical webhosting plans Reliable Linux Web Hosting, Website Designing And ecommerce websites with economical webhosting plan Reliable Linux Web Hosting, Website Designing And ecommerce websites with economical webhosting plan
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For Free Trial Upgraded Accounts: If we offer the option of paying after taking a FREE Trial, then we simply do not offer any Refunds. This is because we had given you enough opportunity to be satisfied during the No Obligations Trial Period and then decide whether to pay for continuing your account or not. All FREE Trial accounts are followed by Annual Prepay after the No Obligation Trial Period and No Claims Of REFUNDS for any reasons whatsoever are entertained.

Monthly Prepay Accounts: No Refunds Are Offered for any Monthly Prepay accounts. You just prefer not to pay for the coming month and your account ceases to be on our network of servers. We offer monthly prepay for cases where we do not offer any FREE Trial accounts. You can take your time to be satisfied with our service as long as you would want to in monthly billing cycle and then upgrade to Bi-Annual Or Annual Prepay Billing Cycles. RESELLER and AFFILIATE Accounts are not offered Monthly payment Plans.In addition any service where the transaction charges become a significant part of the monthly charges, we do not offer any monthly plan in that case.

Bi-Annual Prepay Account: Same as Annual Prepay accounts except that in our pricing for bi-annual prepay we charge for 5 months and offer sixth month free. So if you are cancelling the account after in the 4rth month, we refund nothing. Bi-Annual Payment Plans are offered only on Custom Packages. All other plans either have monthly and annual or only annual payment plans.

Annual Prepay Accounts: Annual Prepay Accounts (which were not preceded by any FREE Trial Accounts or monthly prepay accounts) do carry refunds as per following schedule provided we accept that we cannot deliver the features/services that you are desiring within your account:

  • All Calendar Date for reference is the date on which your account was setup.
  • If Account Cancellation Notice is received at least 7 days before the Reference Calendar Date of each month, then the balance months charges are refundable. This however, does not apply to dedicated servers under biannual and annual billing. The Cancellation request will only be entertained for dedicated servs if we fail to deliver the network uptime. In any other circumstances, cancellation of dedicated server account is only applicable for next billing.
  • If Account Cancellation Notice is received after the period as noted above in any calendar month then one month billing is deducted.
  • Since all Annual Prepay accounts carry two months free (ie we are charging only for 10 months) while computing we shall convert your annual prepay account to monthly prepay and then compute the amount to be refunded. This in short means that the two months free period is deducted and then computations done. So if you cancel the service in 10th month, we refund nothing.
  • All Transaction charges borne by us during the initial transaction are deducted from the accounts payables.
  • Cancellation refunds are processed within 45 days of formally accepting to entertain the refunds request.
  • Our decision shall be final on the matters of refunds.
  • All refunds to International Clients is processed through paypal and Indian Clients through Cheque. Courier charges are billed to client's account in case of cheques.
  • All Transaction Charges (if any) for effecting the refund are billable to the benificiary.
  • If you signed up through an Affiliate then all commissions paid to the affiliate would be deducted from accounts payables.


  • Domain registration charges are non refundable.
  • All Add Ons Charges are non refundable.
  • Setup charges if any are non refundable.
  • Any commercial softwares purchased through us.
  • Any Account Preceded with a No Obligation FREE Trial Offer.
  • Any Service where All Sales Are "Non Refundable" is part of the terms of service.
  • Any violation of AUP
  • Any Custom Coding Work Done As A Part Of The Package.
  • Any Custom Setup Charges for Customized Accounts.
  • Any one time account setup charges (shared hosting, dedicated servers, account configuration)
  • Any Support Charges (Routine Support, Emergency Support.
  • Any Clause in SLA which absolves us from Refunds.
  • Any clause which is covered by Clause 8 of AUP
  • Resellers And Affiliate Accounts.
  • Any Unsold Expired Subscription / Registration Packs. Wherever issued, they have a validity of 365 days from the date of supply unless explicitly extended in writing from us.
  • Any Breach Of Terms Of Agreement By The Reseller/Dealer/Distributor/Franchisee. Trying to sell parallel services as offered by us leads to automatic cancellation of all rights of association and forfieture of any accrued benifits.
  • Any Purchases under the pretext of doing a wrong purchase unintentionally. All packages are clearly explained in detail and if in any doubt always contact us before completing the order.
  • Any factors which are ourside our direct control. SEO is one such example.
  • Any Hosting Package With SSL Certificates (All SSL Hosting Packages Are Annual and includes SSL123 certificate from
  • Any Hosting Package Signed Up With DISCOUNT COUPON CODES

How To Request Refunds:

Open a support ticket at our HELPDESK and we shall follow it up from there.

Billing Cycle Change Policy: Upgrading from one billing cycle to another starts from the next billing cycle due provided we have been intimated or a support ticket logged from the account admin on file. So if you are upgrading from Monthly payment plan to Annual payment plan, the annual payment plan gets into effect from the billing cycle from which it was implemented and not clubbed with the monthly billing cycle for purpose of computations. All Annual Payment plans have the discounting built into the same (ie two months free). Monthly billing cycle is offered only for following reasons:

  1. Some users are comfortable with monthly plans.
  2. Others may want to try out for a pre-determined period of time before switching to long term payment plans.
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